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An early accomplishment was the creation of short term GIS training courses including, Executive GIS, Introduction To Geographic Information Systems, Introduction to ArcView and Extensions, Data Analysis, Data Automation, Database Design and Implementation and Developing and Managing a GIS. The LICJ Geoinformatics Training Centre is situated at 191 Old Hope Road and is comprehensively equipped to accommodate a maximum of 20 persons per course. Over twelve hundred persons have been trained and a number of them have pursued advanced GIS training abroad.

The operation and maintenance of the training centre is funded through contributions from course participants, which are kept at a minimum. The Council has also made an arrangement with the agent for the GIS software, which the government uses, to maintain and update the software in a beneficial exchange for the use of the facility.

In May 2016, the National Spatial Data Management Division and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to manage the GIS enterprise licence agreement (ELA) for schools which will benefit some fifty seven (57) government dependent schools and facilitate an expansion of GISSEP.

a) Over ten thousand (10,000) technicians, analysts, managers, executives among others have been successfully trained under the LICJ GIS Training programme.
b) In 2002, the GIS in Schools Education Programme (GISSEP) was launched.
c) In 2005, a GIS infusion guide and workbook was prepared to facilitate the integration of GIS within the secondary level Geography School’s Curriculum.
d) In 2011, the NSDMD delivered its first regional training in St. Lucia.
e) In 2015, the NSDMD delivered its second regional training in ‘GIS for Poverty Mapping’ in Dominica.
f) In 2016, LICJ/NSDMD collaborated with the Department of Geography and Geology, University of the West Indies, Mona to develop and deliver annual summer courses in Applied GIS and Remote Sensing.

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